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Fake Discord Server Tied to $880k Loss in Crypto Scam Involving Across Protocol

A cautionary signal emerged within the crypto community when ZachXBT, a prominent crypto investigator, highlighted potential security risks associated with Across Protocol’s documentation. Shared on Telegram on December 26, ZachXBT’s warning unveiled a concerning link within the protocol’s documentation, redirecting users to a deceptive Discord server. This discovery suggested a compromise in Across Protocol’s vanity invite address, potentially leading to an $880,000 loss of cryptocurrency associated with an unidentified blockchain entity.

Another twist in this tale unfolded through Scam Sniffer, a blockchain forensic firm, which revealed an $880,000 loss linked to aEthWBTC due to an interaction with a malicious ERC-20 permit message. Although not explicitly pinpointing Across Protocol, ZachXBT implicated a documentation flaw within the protocol as a contributing factor to the incident.

Addressing the situation, the Across Protocol team acknowledged the existence of a fraudulent Discord server posing as the official one. While the team refrained from specifying the exact extent of losses, they reassured the community of ongoing efforts aimed at dismantling the unofficial server.

Across Protocol functions as a cross-chain bridge specializing in layer-2 solutions and rollups, leveraging UMA’s optimistic oracle for security. The platform emphasizes capital efficiency via a consolidated liquidity pool, a network of relayers, and a fee model without slippage. According to Crunchbase data, the protocol successfully secured $10 million in funding from investors such as Blockchain Capital and two other backers.

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