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MEXC Addresses Deletion of CEO Account Amid Confusion

Cryptocurrency exchange MEXC has responded to the recent speculation surrounding the deletion of the @MEXC_CEO account, clarifying misconceptions and addressing concerns.

In a post on December 24, MEXC acknowledged the confusion arising from the sudden removal of the MEXC_CEO account. While some users assumed it belonged to the company’s CEO, John Chen Ju, representatives clarified that John Chen Ju had departed from the company in July 2022. They emphasized that the individual associated with the account no longer holds any ties with the official MEXC team. MEXC acknowledged a potential lack of clarity in their communication, expressing regret for any confusion caused.

“We sincerely apologize for any confusion caused by this incident.”

MEXC statement

The removal of the account sparked suspicion within the cryptocurrency community, leading to concerns about potential issues faced by the exchange. Traders raised alarm over reported account freezes and difficulties in withdrawing assets.

Moreover, complaints surfaced online from crypto community members regarding account blocks on the MEXC platform. Some users alleged that the exchange froze assets due to delays in completing the KYC procedures.

Screenshots shared by one affected user indicated MEXC representatives citing “suspicious trading activity” as the reason behind the freezing of accounts.

This clarification from MEXC attempts to address the speculation surrounding the deletion of the CEO account and the concerns raised by users about their trading experience on the platform.

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