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Coinbase Announces ‘Delete Week’ Initiative for 2024 to Streamline Operations

In a recent blog post, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong unveiled plans for a transformative initiative aimed at optimizing the company’s operations in the upcoming year. The initiative, named “Delete Week,” is set to roll out in the first quarter of 2024, specifically between January 8th and 12th. Armstrong outlined the primary goal: to enhance operational efficiency by systematically removing various complexities within the organization.

Armstrong’s note to employees emphasized the inspiration behind this initiative, drawing insights from Shopify’s CEO, Tobi Lütke. Dubbed an experiment, Delete Week aims to simplify Coinbase’s landscape by eliminating excess features, products, code, backend services, security measures, meetings, communication channels, policies, and documentation, among other elements.

The Coinbase CEO stressed the importance of this experiment, citing the belief that significant subtraction can be a powerful tool for organizational founders. Armstrong highlighted the intended outcome: a targeted reduction of at least 10% across various facets of the company.

The philosophy underlying Delete Week encourages trying the elimination of elements that might seem unnecessary, with the understanding that they can be reinstated if necessary. Armstrong’s push rests on the notion that if Coinbase doesn’t ultimately need to restore at least 10% of what’s removed, it indicates insufficient deletion.

The initiative comes at a time when Coinbase continues to grapple with operating expenses that exceed net revenue. In the third quarter, the exchange reported total operating expenses of $754 million, surpassing net revenue of $623 million. Coinbase projected that by the end of 2023, expenses related to technology, development, and general administration would reach $575 million.

Following the announcement, Coinbase’s COIN shares experienced a notable upsurge, climbing 3.8% to reach $168.03. Consequently, the company’s market capitalization soared to $40.2 billion, according to Google Finance. The move signifies the market’s positive response to Coinbase’s proactive steps toward operational refinement.

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