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Hashkey Capital’s Singapore Arm Secures Monetary Authority License, Paving the Way for Digital Finance Integration

In a significant stride towards bridging traditional finance with the digital landscape, Hashkey Capital’s Singapore division has clinched a pivotal central bank license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This regulatory approval under the Capital Markets Services (CMS) license bolsters Hashkey Capital Singapore’s capacity to deliver fund-management services locally.

CEO Deng Chao expressed profound optimism, highlighting the company’s dedication to nurturing the blockchain community within Singapore. He underscored the commitment to cultivating an environment where conventional and digital financial realms harmonize seamlessly.

This attainment mirrors the recent successes of major crypto players like DigiFT and SBI Digital Markets, both securing CMS licenses in recent times. Hashkey Capital aspires to serve as a linchpin in the convergence of conventional and digital financial systems, a goal emphasized in its official statements.

The journey to securing this license began with an in-principle approval in November 2022, marking a strategic milestone in the company’s trajectory within the dynamic crypto sphere. Hashkey Capital’s ambitions extend far beyond Singapore, evident in its triumphant $500 million fundraising in January.

This regulatory milestone underscores Hashkey Capital’s growing role in the evolving landscape of digital finance, paving the way for innovative strides in blending traditional financial frameworks with the dynamic potentials of the digital realm.

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