Jannat Ara

Cryptocurrency Wallet Hack: Angel Drainer Altered File Domains Since November

A tool known as Angel Drainer, responsible for the recent Ledger hack, has been discovered to have been modifying static file domains since late November. This sophisticated malware specializes in draining cryptocurrency assets from wallets.

Etherscan data revealed that Angel Drainer has been actively updating five static file domains since last month. These alterations redirect users to compromised versions of software or web pages, providing unauthorized access to their crypto assets.

The latest incident involving the Ledger Connect Kit hack resulted in losses ranging from approximately $484,000 to over $600,000. During this breach, the malicious file was active for around five hours, with the window for fund drainage being less than two hours. Ledger responded promptly by issuing a genuine software update to replace the malicious file and has been actively assisting affected customers.

The utilization of Angel Drainer to manipulate file domains highlights the increasing complexity of cyberattacks aimed at cryptocurrency wallet providers. This instance underscores the need for heightened security measures and ongoing vigilance in the face of evolving threats in the crypto space.

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