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Ireland’s Deputy PM Successfully Pressures Google to Reveal Crypto Advertisers

Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister, Micheál Martin, has achieved a legal victory against Google, compelling the tech giant to disclose the identities behind misleading cryptocurrency advertisements.

Martin, who leads the Fianna Fáil party, accused these ads of falsely associating him with a crypto scam, appearing on reputable websites through fabricated news pieces. Legal actions targeted Google Ireland Ltd and its parent company, Google LLC, seeking to unmask the creators behind these misleading adverts.

A settlement was reached, with Martin’s legal team informing the High Court of Google’s agreement to several court orders favoring Martin. These orders mandate Google to furnish detailed information about the contentious ads, encompassing names, email addresses, phone numbers, financial account details linked to the ads, and any associated IP addresses. This information is to be provided within 21 days.

Moreover, Google may notify the account owners responsible for the ads regarding their intention to disclose this information to Martin, aligning with the company’s standard practices in similar cases.

In his affidavit, Martin outlined that the ads had surfaced on prominent Irish websites like the Irish Times, Irish Independent, and Done Deal in July. The adverts were intertwined with fabricated news-like articles, with one depicting Martin surrounded by luxury items and another portraying misleading statements about his intentions for Ireland, all aiming to mislead the public.

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